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Weaving Services | Killeen African Hair Braiding | Killeen, TX | (254) 680-4247

For anyone searching for a salon that offers excellent services in hair weaving in Killeen, TX, we recommend you come to our stylists at Killeen African Hair Braiding. And we guarantee we will give you the natural looking finished product you are wanting.

We can do all types of weaves such as quick weaves, sew ins and extensions. And if you are getting extensions, we can follow the hair fusion technique if you prefer this type of treatment. We can also do crochet braids if you are wanting this style.

And we can also provide the necessary maintenance duties such as give your hair a trim or anything additional you are needing to cover tracks.

Our main goal is help you maintain healthy hair. We use high quality products to make sure we are giving your hair the treatment it deserves.

Our shop has a very professional atmosphere that you will appreciate when visiting us. We handle our business the right way and you will trust our shop. On top of the professionalism we feature, there is also a warm and welcoming vibe that we feature, as well. Everyone is friendly and you will definitely enjoy your time with us.

We are also one of the more upscale shops in the area, as well. Our shop provides plenty of room and each station is very satisfactory.

Walk out of our shop looking as stylish as ever and feeling even better.

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